Freight trains offer the best immediate alternative by design. Five CW4400 General Electric Freight engines can pull a whopping two hundred freight cars! That's four hundred containers from forty eight to fifty three feet long, double stacked, or eight hundred containers around twenty feet long. Some cars using this proven technology, are being marketed as hybrids, but this is not enough. Organic fuels need to be utilized. Alcohol from corn and other grow-able renewable sources, and BioDiesel, can both power engines, and electrical generators. Unlike your regular cars and trucks, freight train locomotives have their diesel engines spin electrical generators, to power electric motors, which actually rotate the wheels. Therefore, the engines can be optimized to make the most horsepower, from the least amount of fuel, and run at the lowest piston speed, to make the engines last the longest. Combined with state of the art battery technology, this can make it possible to produce vehicles which can be recharged, and run, purely on zero emission electric motors, like local light rail electric trains on local trips. On longer trips, should the batteries become depleted and require charging, the onboard turbocharged biodiesel can propel the vehicle and recharge the batteries, until you reach a destination to recharge, by plugging in.


Without the sun our warm hospitable planet, Mother Earth is an orbiting lifeless, dirty ice cube. Like the early hard wired mobile phone in the limousine, the solar cell is an expensive, rarely utilized item, that unlike oil generating wars, generates electricity quietly, peaceably and reliably with zero emissions. Massive world efforts to produce solar cells on a gargantuan scale, at minuscule prices, must be made. World proliferation of solar cells must occur. Stop nuclear death, to hell with radiation, and perpetuate a safe long solar life.  Instead of nations trying to develop nuclear weapons of mass destruction, they should concentrate their efforts on building peaceful solar, and other environmentally friendly technologies, and plan their mass construction and distribution at low cost.


It starts with an idea and by physical effort, made reality. This is fact not science fiction. Please join me in this vision and embrace a crystal clear sky, a cancer free hand, a long and peaceful life. Love Life and Seek Sanity. There is no logic in perpetuating madness.  There is no progress living in an environmental disaster area, and wading through a toxic cesspool, as your body rots inside out, and outside in. Take my hand and see through my eyes, and envision a better way. You drive home in your electric car. There are solar cells covering everything everywhere, the sidewalk, walls and roof, ceiling and interior, in beautiful designer colors and textures. When you turn on the lights, you turn on the high efficiency, color temperature balanced, Light Emitting Diodes. The light reflects off everything in the house, and the energy is recaptured. So don't stop ever MaKingReality a better place. Think about it every time you pick up your cell phone and talk about it.  So what can we do in the present to make a better tomorrow?