The point is, if our planet has been damaged, it is not just from "global warming". In areas of high population density, it is suffering from catastrophic environmental disaster of gargantuan proportion. No matter how successful industry is at reducing the amount of particulate debris in the pollution, that is the by-product of industrial process, or consumer waste or specifically exhaust emissions from cars and trucks, the invisible toxic gases are still there to issue all living things there death certificates, in their cruel and uncaring way. Perhaps this is a reflection of the state of too many peoples mentality. It is what it is, and it is easily scientifically provable beyond reasonable doubt. Countless people have used their own vehicles to kill themselves, leaving their methodology as their final testimony. In greater detail they drove to a gas station and filled their fuel tank, and drove home, whereupon they parked their vehicle in their garage, and left it running, while they shut the garage door behind them. It may have been a comfortable seventy degrees in their garage before the car drove in, but it will not stay seventy degrees for long. The temperatures of internal combustion, in an engine, are that of a blowtorch in each cylinder. The components are designed to absorb heat, and disperse it throughout the engine and carry the heat away through the engine oil, engine coolant, and ultimately the environment, through the engine components surface area, and radiator cooling systems. Normal engine operating temperature ranges from one hundred and eighty degrees, to two hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit. And that's what temperature the inside of the garage would eventually rise to, were it not for further dissipation of the heat into the environment. However, the driver will unfortunately be asphyxiated, and become unconscious, as the engine consumes the oxygen in the garage by burning it, converting the oxygen into deadly toxic gases, which will further asphyxiate the driver into a coma, and death, long before the fuel in the tank is fully consumed, or the temperature reaches the operating temperature of the running engine.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME IN AN ATTEMPT TO DISPROVE THE ABOVE TRUTHFUL FACTS. The idea is to prevent you from killing yourself, accidentally or otherwise. Be aware that the exhaust is deadly regardless of how state of the art, or numerous the pollution control devices are on your engine, and thus, you should only operate internal combustion engines in well ventilated areas. You have been warned. Now multiply that times the millions of vehicles operated daily and you have the toxic cesspool you are wading through. Living things have a relationship with each other. People inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which plants absorb and convert back into oxygen. Internal combustion engines burn oxygen and convert it into toxic gases and debris that kill all living things, including plants, which will not convert the deadly gases into oxygen or anything else.

What's the solution?