It is amazing how thoughts can compound upon thoughts, become visions, and through further interest, and physical actions, can result in the manifestation, through many means, of three dimensional objects both animate, or inanimate, living or not. This is what MaKingReality is all about.  One example is of the living, whereby two people desire a child in thought, and by physical action a child is created.  An example of the not, might be a vision of a beautiful place, that exists only in the mind, until the artist, through physical action, finishes their last stroke of the brush on a canvas, or a filmmaker, builds a set and directs actors through a scene, animated through persistence of vision, twenty four visions per second. An Architect might conceive a floor plan, whereupon compounding their thoughts and through physical action, a home is built. An automobile designer turns thoughts, through the physical action of an entire industry, into a car driven off the lot of a new car dealer.

The difference is scale and impact. The cellular phones we might take for granted, are a great example of multi scalable proportion. Decades ago few people had mobile phones, since they costs thousands of dollars, and were usually hard wired into limousines. Now on a giant scale, satellites, launched on rockets, and microwave repeating towers, bounce billions of conversations around the planet, until they end up in your twenty dollar prepaid cell phone, traveling at high speed, through the ultra miniaturized micro circuitry, until that little voice pops out into your ear. It all started as an idea. The real genius was in the manufacturing technology that made it very affordable and high quality. What's the point?